Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ready to ship!

People who have known me a long time know that I make jewelry. I make jewelry and intend to sell it then I look at what I have made and decide it isn't good enough to sell. I also used to buy supplies to manifest my inspiration and either not have time to develop the idea or by the time I do get around to it I am no longer inspired.

When I worked at Workshop I was surrounded by hugely creative women and a lot of inspiration. I ended up selling *gasp* some of my work, yet I still lacked confidence when it came to designing for a purpose.

Earlier this year I was inspired to do some research and development with some felt. Nothing really came of it because it required large chunks of uninterrupted time and life with a sidekick, simply does not afford that. Hopefully this summer, in between gardening and other life activities I will be able to put sometime into teaching myself the art of wet felting.

Lately I have been playing with polymer clay and I find working with it quite enjoyable. I have not been very confident that any of it is saleable but alas Workshop ordered 12 robot barrettes, so maybe.

With all the travel I have been doing I haven't had time to sit and work on the order but I finished the barrettes today and I am ready to ship them. I am hopeful that they will do well but if not I did have a lot of fun making them.

Now it is off to work on setting up an Etsy shop for my other latest venture; stuffed felt letters. I made them for G and Chicken for the bedrooms and Bridget thinks I may be on to something.

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