Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Fabric Accidents and Fabulous Family Fun

Those of you who know me know how much I love fabric; I possibly love it more than wool (*gasp!) and while The Man was away I indulged in what I called "fabric accidents". I would feel lonely or sad and I would innocently browse some online fabric sales and suddenly I would find myself with a shopping cart full of amazing finds.

Shipping from the US usually takes an agonizing two weeks and usually the packages would arrive on a Friday. On Fridays between shipments the evil Jackie would either get me to grab her from school so we could covertly steal away to the fabric store, or abandon her poor husband with all the children after dinner and head to the ones open late. Last Friday was a doozy.

The plan was to meet Jackie and Steph at the Farm and Ranch Show to go see the alpacas and maybe get some fibre and watch Jackie geek out at the volunteer spinning area (yarn spinning), and then head to the fabric store to get specific fabrics.

On the way to the show I stopped by my PO Box to see if my fabric from Fabricworm had arrived. The lady that works at the post office was smiling because she knew my fabric was there and I think she likes that I squeal a bit (sure sign I may have a problem). So after buying the softest yarn I have ever felt in my life (unnecessary purchase #1) the evil Jackie dragged me to the fabric store. I planned to just buy the background and backing fabrics for my the upcoming Retro Flowers QAL and the batting for Colour Brick but I left there with much more.  I have plans for most of it; I can stop whenever I want... really!

Clockwise from upper left
1. Retro Flowers 2. Apollo's Quilt bundle 3. Stash
4. Superheroes for hats 5. Stash 6. Pants and Shirts

Out here in Alberta land we had some insane weather: it went from fabulously warm and dry to 20 cm of snow and wet in less than 12 hrs. Yucky and slushy, but that didn't keep G from learning, in record time, how to ride his new bike (no training wheels) or A from tagging along.

Needed a little help getting going at first.

According to A this is now his job.


  1. I have those accidents all the time! Isn't fabric mail THE BEST?! And as long as you have a plan for all of it...totally fine :-)

  2. Evil Jackie here.... I will accept full responsibility for numerous fabric acquisition trips. I'm not so sure they were accidents... :)