Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Green Thumb!

Sinceone of the things I like about Edmonton is my having a yard and a garden plot, I need to grow a garden. In the past I have grown container gardens fullof herbs and flowers. I tried to grow vegtables in a container garden but it was a horrible disatser.

I am planning a vegetable garden for this summer and I am hoping that I don't end up being the "Grim Reaper" of the garden. I have already started a few herbs and I can see the first little sprouts of "creeping thyme" and a whole bunch of marigolds pushing through. So far so good.

I think I have two main failings when it comes to gardening; 1) I think it should be intuitive and 2) I get too excited and plant before the frost. Oh, and I am the most disorganized "type A"person you will ever meet. I am really hoping that I can over comemy disorganization and my lack of ability to actually learn about gardening. Perhaps there is a gardening support group attached to my garden plot rental. I really want to learn how to do the organic gardening thing right.

I have sprouts it is true but I am one week into my new garden and I am encountering a problem. I need to keep my sprouting plants in the house until June. That isn't the hard part though ,the hard part is keepingmy cats from using my sprouts as a toilet. I have only enough room for 2 more flats of seeds before I run out of places to put things. Since I am being very ambitious with my herbs (I want my back yard to smell like an herb garden) I am going to have to find a solution.

Getting the sidekick interested in the garden willbe another challenge.We don't have a fence and he seemsmore interested in the neighbour's swing set than playing in the dirt with mommy. I have no problemwith him playing in the neighbour's yard but I ama little worried that they might. We share a drive way and a walk way and even though I have attempted conversation they have never really talkedto us and they seem uneasy about G being in their yard.

The suburbs they are a strange thing. We have lived here for 8 months and despite announcing ourselvesto iur direct next door neighbours we still have no idea who we live among.

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  1. Sue Gunderson--the MIL!!April 19, 2009 at 3:59 PM

    Hi Amanda~
    The blogging idea sounds like a good way to vent! Should keep you outta trouble! :-)

    Have you thought of constructing a greenhouse to protect your tender plants against marauding cats and other critters? The greenhouse wouldn't have to be fancy--just staple some polyethylene against your house, with a flap for getting in and out. This would protect your tender plants from both the elements and your cats.
    Anyway--this is just a thought. My thumbs ain't green--and it wasn't from trying! Good luck!

    And geez--every time I see pictures of G, his looks are changing! But regardless--he is one good looking kid! (Of course, I'm biased!)
    And thanks for the pics!
    LOVE YA'LL!!