Friday, April 24, 2009

Home Again Part 2 A massage and a "Cookie Day"

While we are home in Ottawa we are staying at the home of G's girlfriend (A). We are loving staying here for a ton of reasons but the best ones are the homey atmosphere and being immersed in friendship. Being among such great friends for the past few days has been divine and sad. It really makes me feel revived but also really accentuates what our Alberta life is missing. Suburbia would be a lot more livable if all these lovely people were in it.Because B is brilliant and has great ideas for having fun with the kidlets; I had my first massage in months (thank you RMT Rossana Rebeccani) and my first full on baking experience with the sidekick and his pal.

Chef April joined B,the kids and I to make and decorate sugar cookies. We made the cookies while the kidlets napped and set them loose decorating them when they woke up.

"Cookie Day Recipe"
Makes 3 dozen cookies, a huge mess, and good memories
Caution! When baking with babies make sure you have at a minimum a 3/2 adult to child ratio

  1. Bake cookies and allow to cool
  2. Pipe a little bit of icing on to each cookie
  3. Place cookies and toppings within reach of the kidlets
  4. Have a blast!
A was all about the decorating; she was a machine throwing sprinkles and silver balls on everything. G, always the minimalist, was more interested in eating the toppings than decorating; he decorated about 3 of the 3 dozen cookies!

The living room was a disaster but we all had a blast, got to munch on cookies and share them with friends!

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