Monday, May 18, 2009


I turned 30 years old today. It has probably been my most laid back and reflective birthday ever. I was reflecting on where the last decade has gone and realised how full and charmed my life has been for the last ten years. There have been some ups, downs and some outright grief but my life has been full and interesting and has helped me grow. I think I might finally be a grown up. I feel like a grown up.

Inventory of a Decade *the highlights*

- met, dated and married my soul mate
- graduated from University
- got hypothermia in an Arizona canyon
- owned 3 cars and crashed or been crashed in them all
- lost a loved one to AIDS
- had 4 careers/jobs (none in my field :) )
- been married for 7 plus years 19 months of which was long distance
- travelled almost the entire country
- lived in two provinces
- took up yoga
- developed my spirituality
- travelled to Belize
- made some amazing friends
- birthed a baby at home in my bed
- embarked on the journey of parenthood
- learned French
- a ton of other things I can't think of right now

Those are just the highlights but I feel like I have done a lot with the last decade. I cried when I turned twenty; I felt like I was losing something. Today I look back and I am proud of myself and what I have done with my twenties, I am excited and looking forward; what will life and the universe present me with next?


  1. Of course you should be proud! You've got a lot of greatness in your life, even if a lot of it isn't what you might have ever imagined.

    Are you 30 though?! Notice I had initially written that in the cook book then changed it to 29.. because I thought you and Ian were born in 1980.

  2. 30 indeed! I am 1 year and 12 days older than Ian I robbed the cradle. I thought the mistake was alittle joke like 29 forever sort of thing.

  3. I'd remembered a comment you made about '30, here I come' but then I figured you meant 29 is getting close to 30. I thought it was just the 12 days older than him. But we can pretend it was a 29 forever sort of thing :)