Sunday, October 10, 2010


So we are on a road trip and I during the 12 hours of stops and driving I was inspired to resurrect the blog. Maybe it was inspiration, could have been boredom and it might be that I have illusions that people actually want to read about the weird chaotic things we do.

During the hiatus I spawned another sidekick via a very emotional 40 weeks 3 days and a very intense 45 min. The sidekick is Apollo and he is totally unlike Gaius in every way, just as lovely and (keep this a secret)  a bit cuter.

We've known for a while that my sister is to be married this year and upon receiving place and date confirmation (October and Torontoish), I, being a sane person booked us all plane tickets to Toronto. My husband being a less than sane person embarked on a campaign to sell me on the idea of a family road trip.

My sanity must have slipped out the door with my ability to sleep, I gave into his idea and I now find myself writing a blog post on the floor in a darkened $40 hotel room.

Stay tuned for tomorrow where I will fill you in on the agony fun and adventure so far and share the craft (yes I am that crafty) I did to keep Gaius occupied for a few hours.

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