Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Road Tripping With my Three Favourite Allies

Road Trippin by The Red Hot Chili Peppers is my favourite road trip song. We usually start each day of a road trip with it. When it was just Ian, myself and Fiji we fit the song perfectly but this time around it needed just a little tweaking. It makes me a mite sad that one of the original Allies is gone (RIP Fiji) and we aren't a merry band of five making our way across Canada and the U.S.A.

The road trip has been good so far but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to periodically throw myself from the moving vehicle. It is a lot of work keeping a toddler entertained, dealing with a wailing infant and constantly checking the directions for a husband who forgets the exit number the moment I finish telling him it.

The wailing infant was an easy fix. We finally gave into the idea that Apollo found the bucket car seat intolerable, pulled over and forked over the $ for a new Britax Frontier for Gaius and put Apollo rear facing in Gaius' seat. I wish we had listened to that advice months ago as it totally solved the wailing infant problem. It is like we have a different baby in the car with us.

Before embarking I loaded us full of books, toys and art supplies to keep Gaius occupied and we have gotten so crafty with our little pile of art supplies. The favourite has been paper airplanes and origami cranes in nests.
Now that he realises Mommy can make these things he is quite deamanding about them. Other crafty life savers have been construction paper with markers and sticky foam shapes, paper airplanes and my drawings of simple scenes for him to tell stories from.

If I could only use my crafty powers to craft a little reminder of what highway or exit we need, I could close my eyes and catch a few road trip Zs.


  1. You guys are amazing! It's so cool that you craft the hours away. Ian's memory sounds like mine...

  2. Love the blog Amanda! Only just starting reading now... looking forward to some more updates.