Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Aunties Get Hitched

So the purpose of this epic family road trip was to get to Georgetown in time to be a part of Amy and Anita's wedding. We were so honoured to be invited, not only, to be there but to participate as well.

The beautiful brides, newlywed
He looked so impressed

The brides were stunning, the weather was great, the flowers were beautiful and I drank way too much red wine. It was a beautiful day to celebrate their love.

With so much on the go before the wedding and the expense of getting to a wedding halfway across the country I didn't have time or funding to make a wedding gift happen before the wedding. However according to the paragon of etiquette, Miss Manners, I have a year from the date of the wedding to produce a gift. To keep me on track to produce the gift in under a years time I would like to introduce Wedding Quilt Wednesday (you will notice it is now Thursday but my intentions were good)

My desire is to make this quilt, from

So my dear friends and readers, keep me honest keep me going. I need to work on this quilt every week and if you don't see a Wedding Quilt Wednesday post please jack me up for it and if you want to quilt a long be my guest.

Next Wednesday, gathering all the fabric.

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