Monday, November 15, 2010

Wedding Quilt Wednesday

Well, it really isn't Wednesday and I am a bit late on posting this but I really did work on the quilt last Wednesday.

For those just joining me I am making the quilt pictured below for The Aunties as a wedding gift. The pattern is from

It would have been easy to simply go with the colour scheme laid out by the pattern designers but that, would be too easy. One of the aunties loves red but the other is more of a blue girl and since I love blue for the bedroom (a good sleepy colour) I decided to go with a blue to purple colour scheme.

I was originally going to collect the fat quarters of fabric over time, picking up a fabric as it caught my attention but this proved to be difficult. I would have to bring my fabric with me or a photo of the fabric so I could make sure the fabrics flowed together nicely. Instead of that crazy making idea, last Wednesday I made my way to Quiltessential in St. Albert and chose 20 fat quarters for the coloured blocks of the quilt.

The ladies at the store were very helpful and patient with me as I browsed, took down, put back and finally chose fabric. The didn't even grumble when most of the quarters I wanted needed to be cut off the bolt. A lovely place to get lost in for a bit, I highly recommend them.

It took a few hours but here they are. The 20 blue and purple fabrics.

I'll try to be on time next Wednesday.


  1. Well-chosen! The patterns work nicely together.

  2. That is such a gorgeous quilt. I've had it on my radar for awhile. Welcome to Curves Camp!