Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Getting Back to Life

I have been a bit lax in my posting since The Man returned. It has been a glorious week and a half of him being home; he has fixed things, things have magically fixed themselves and best of all he has taken over nightime parenting. Sleep, glorious sleep; I am finally getting some.

 What a great day the homecoming was, my amazing friend Jackie, organized an all day party so I wouldn't lose my mind waiting for the moment when we could leave and pick him up. Everyone brought food, played with the kids and in the end cleaned my entire house (and magically disappeared before we got back). I have amazing friends. The above photo was gifted to me by Jade Lavallee of Pounamu Photography through The Maple Leaf Mission, I am overjoyed to have had that moment captured.

The boys are loving having two parents again and are soaking up all the attention and activity. The Man is all ours, all day every day, until late May, when he will return to work but then he will still be ours at the end of every day and every weekend. So now I can do more of this,

While The Man does this, 


  1. Welcome back to reality. It's a good thing.

  2. It is glorious to have our men back is it not? I'm glad that you are refilling your emotional cup now too and can also do more of the wonderful crafty things that you do!

  3. SO Glorious!!! I am so happy for you that he is safe and sound! My sis just sent my brother-in-law off and she has a two yr old and brand new 2 week old. I keep telling her not to worry about crafting!!!

    1. Oh my, 2 weeks old! I would have lost my mind. Even without him being gone, baby wearing saved my life in that first little while. I hope she has a lot of support. My amazing support network made the difference between make and break. Also the crock pot is her friend!

      Crafting kept me sane on the long lonely nights after the kids were in bed and when I was too tired to craft I would Pin fabric and ideas on Pinterest and then when I was really sad and lonely I would buy fabric on the net. In the end crafting and sewing kept me sane.

  4. Can't wait to see all of you again next month!