Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Sewing Extravaganza!

This weekend we were stuck at home with our post tonsillectomy boy. It was a pretty chill weekend of the boys chilling out and watching shows. I took advantage of the quiet house and two parent situation and sewed all day and night on Saturday and Sunday. I even tidied up the scraps in my sewing room!

Treasure bags for forest walking and geocaching. Only 3
because The Man didn't want one.

Odalolly quilt top assembled!

Odalolly 75% quilted
I even hauled out the scary machine. Last year before Ian left he bought me a serger and I haven't had a chance to take a class. I have played with it a bit but I am a bit scared to use it on lovely fabric.

Mr. Scary

Sergered pillow cases. G asked for these last May, he picked 
the fabric, Batman for him and Superman for his brother.

Since I was trying new things, I decided to work on some really easy embroidery and practice ticker tape quilting in preparation for Bottled Rainbows.


I hope I get better at this.


  1. I saw your treasure hunting bags on you flickr and first thing I thought was geocaching. My daughter would flip if I made her one. So happy for you that your hubby is home. : ) Odalolly came out great. (Oh...and I'm scared of my serger, too. Mostly the threading scares me.)