Friday, April 13, 2012

Little Boy Colour Brick Finished

The Colour Brick to celebrate my nephew's adoption is completed. I am really happy with pretty much everything. I love the robot flannel on the back, the rainbow thread and the not perfect but absolutely my best binding to date. I have enough of the flannel left to make pajamas for D and maybe a pair for G too.

Quilts in the snow in April!

Robot flannel!

My amazing sister and her wife paid me more than what I asked for when I commissioned the quilt and I am thinking a little fabric splurge on something really really special is in order. Inspired yet again by Stitched in Color , I think I may finally splurge on some Liberty of London at Purl Soho

Flannel detail
Rainbow thread and simple quilting
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Also from this week:

Zoomer the baby goat came for a day

G got to go to emerge after an incident with
his face and a train table. Yay , not broken.

Spring chocolate extravaganza

We got a picnic in before it snowed!


  1. I love that quilting detail with the rainbow thread. Hope your little guy is feeling okay after that spill.

    1. Thanks! I was a bit worried about how the variagted thread would work but I love it. My little guy is really puffy and bruised but nothing is broken. I think he almost likes the way it looks.

  2. The brick design quilt is lovely. I hope that poor little face is better soon.

    1. Thank you! His face looks much worse today but that is the bruising, he was pretty sore on day 1 but now he is running around like his usual, crazy, preschooler self.

  3. Rainbow thread is by far my thread of choice for quilting--it gives such a great dimension to the quilt!! I love the brick pattern, I've never seen that before. You did a great job and I'm sure your nephew will love it!


  4. The rainbow thread is cool! I love the pics you posted!