Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Little R&R

Cappuccino  +  NCIS + knitting  = Bliss
The Man returned a little over a month ago and it has been blissful having him around. We have been in full on family mode, doing everything together and it has been really great to be a family again. He is off work for the next while so we can get used to being a whole family again and so he can have some R&R. The last few months he was gone I would dream of a few days away in the mountains alone with just a book and some knitting. Sure, I have been get a lot of time to do those things but a whole day or two to myself would be absolutely decadent.
Meet Kenny our new to us VW
Our recent car troubles have made a trip to the mountains again a distant dream (see new to me car above) but I did get a whole day to myself and it was decadent. Yesterday The Man to The Boys to Drumheller to go to The Royal Tyrell Museum to see the dinosaur fossils. When he arrived (4 hr drive) he found the museum to be closed on Mondays but, being the quick sort he took the boys to Fossil World and Reptile World. Thank goodness for towns with themes.

Look up, way up! T-Rex!

Fossil !

Yay, digging!
  Knitting, 5 episodes of NCIS (let me have my guilty pleasure), Chocolate Cheerios for lunch, two uninterrupted phone conversations and all the fabric for Retro Flowers cut. I even cleaned the house a little.

Yesterday should fill my cup for a while but I would definitely like 2 or (if I am greedy) 3 more before the end of May.


  1. It sounds like everyone had a great time all around. Well, except one instance with Ian while gettiing ready for the Dinosaur Museum. Enjoy it Amanda, you deserve it. :) Love Mom

  2. Mmmm....day to yourself. Love. Every so often I'll get a couple hours, but it doesn't happen often. When I do, I usually end up cleaning the house. Today's sans kids adventure is a baby shower.