Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Purge Along

Wow,over two years since my last post. A lot has happened in life. This suburban plant was uprooted from the 'burbs of Edmonton and planted right into the city of Victoria. I made the best of those suburb dwelling days but I have to say I love being back in a city with neighbourhoods. A short 15 min walk or ride ( on one of our new bikes) to the grocery store, great city cycling and the ocean. What more could a girl ask for?

Family biking is how we roll now (big bike circa 2012)
I forgot how much I love being car-lite. When we lived in Ottawa we were car-free and cycling was our way. I had forgotten how much I loved all things cycling and bikes. since we moved here I have expanded my bike collection and transformed my old commuter into the family machine pictured above.

Then there is this

Baby Boy #3

Lots going on around here but obviously not enough on my plate so I committed to the Purge- Along at Stitched in Color.
the Purge

I have made a list of things I would like to purge from my sewing room and I hope to keep up with the weekly check ins. My goal is a tidier sewing room and maybe a bit less guilt free fabric acquisition.

The Plan

1. Finish last 4 bottled rainbows blocks with scrap
2. Make wonky star blocks out of entire box of triangle scraps and solid scrap bin
3. Make something with or give away this 1 m of fabric I have had for 5 years!
4. Finish up or re purpose fabric for skirt I started 2 years ago
5. Use up scraps from capes to make fun iron on letters to sell at craft markets

So far I have glued down the scraps on the bottled rainbows blocks but I busted my walking foot so completing them is shelved until the new one arrives. I jumped right into #3 and when Jackie was here I gave her not 1 m but 5m of fabric! Step 3 equals a success.

The beige fabric with orange is 5 years old. It was time!
Step 2 is well underway, I think I might have 3 whole baby quilts from that scrap bin!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Still Around and WIP Wednesday

I would like to say that  I have neglected to post because I was busy but really that isn't true, Monday was provincial election day here in Albertaland and this election was the scariest of my little lefty life. I am and always have been a lefty and the party projected to win were so righty it made righties scared. Fortunately for lefties and righties alike, the ultra-rigthies made some serious blunders (ahem racism ahem bigotry) in the last week of the campaign so Albertans stuck with what they knew and voted PC; first time in my lefty life I have cheered a PC win. My beloved NDP doubled their party size ( 2 more seats) and while I consider the Wild Rose to be scary I think they may have opened the door for more political diversity here and that could be a very good thing. Blah blah blah politics, on to the crafts and cute kids!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I have a lot of works in progress and I am going to begin a few more so I have things to do on our road trip next week.

This week's progress in Bottled Rainbows

1. Fabric Choices 2. Teal Block Done
3. Pink Block Done 4. More Work to Do

Progress on Retro Flowers

Half the curves sewn
All the squares sewn

Ideas for A's Quilt
My little fireball has outgrown his baby size quilt and he needs something a little bigger. I ordered this fat quarter bundle with A in mind but now I am not sure what to do with it. Any ideas?