Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Fabric

My fabric stash just experienced quite the explosion, most of the explosion is due to a recent cycle of being lonely at night and shopping fabric on-line. I also have been  enjoying the ocassional visit to some of the beautiful local fabric stores and love the less boutique and more warehouse style places, where there is usually a gem or two in the offerings and defintiley all the basics.

It seems that "getting lonely and buying fabric" happened a lot before Christmas and I came home from my journey to a mailbox full of packages of fabric. I had such a delightful time ripping open packages, petting and oogling fabric. Gaius pulled out a few of his favourites and asked me to make him a shirt, which meant Apollo had to also select a fabric and demand "shirt!" and then proceed to meltdown when he realised the shirt would not materialise instantaneously.

Knowing this huge fabric stash was coming I enrolled myself in a quilting camp at , I signed up for the the whole deal. I hope I can keep up with the pace of the class and join in the chats. My bigger hope is that it will keep me so occupied that I will use up the fabric stash and not be lonely and buy fabric on-line. The Big Man is gone for atleast another 8 weeks and I have some paypall just waiting for a lonely night.

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