Thursday, January 19, 2012

D's Quilt

Last year I went to one of the most beautiful and touching weddings I have ever had the pleasure to attend. My little sister married a woman who I am so proud to call family. (You can see the deets here The Aunties Get Hitched )

This past spring The Aunties commenced on the path to becoming Moms; they took a very precious boy into their home and embarked on the adventure that is starting parenthood with a 4 yo. I had only heard the various stories of D and seen the few pictures they would send me via e-mail but this Christmas I had the honour of meeting little D and now my nephew count is up to 3! D is one of the sweetest little boys ever and I am almost brought to tears when I think of the love that has brought him to his forever family.

When our The Aunties knew that they were destined to be D's Mommy and Momma they commissioned from me a quilt. They wanted it to be a very special quilt to be presented to him on the day his adoption is completed. That day will be approaching in the next 4 to 6 months so I figured I better get moving.

When the quilt was commissioned I had just discovered and fallen in love with and had also fallen in love with this

Stiched in Color
So it was decided that D's adoption quilt would be the beautiful Color Brick Quilt in fabulous blue, green and yellow, boyish prints. I have already started cutting the fabric! Stay tuned for more quilty goodness, 2012 is, after all " The Year of the Quilt". Well, at least in this house it is.

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  1. D'S quilt and the wedding quilt are beautiful. you are my role model. i always wonder what you would do in certain situations. iam so happy we have an awesome relationship and it continues to grow. im glad we spent christmas holidays together and you got to meet D! we will know his adoption date 3 weeks prior to when it is! the worker figures it will be end of may or beginning of june. Happy quilting! you are awesome!!!!!