Saturday, January 28, 2012

Little Boy Colourbrick Quilt Top

 The Year of the Quilt is off to a great start here in my cold little house. I have completed one quilt and two quilt tops. I am pretty impressed with my pace of work given, that I am also trying to clear out all my pending projects in anticipation of my class starting Feb 1st.

Here is D's completed quilt top!

 And a few close ups of the cutest fabrics

*excuse the horrible picture taking

Now this can go away until after Curves Camp, then I will back it with cozy flannel, quilt it, bind it and send it on its way.


  1. Looking good! Lots of fun prints there. It was such fun chatting with you last night =)

    1. Thanks, I loved the chat. Looking so forward to the projects this week.