Wednesday, February 1, 2012


 On Monday, I got stuck in traffic and didn't make it home in time for my "weekly mortification", aka Zumba. I was going to cancel my sitter but figured he was likely looking forward to a bit of money so, I went out to buy batting for The Wedding Quilt and D's Colourbrick.

Fabricland was the only option for a Monday evening fabric  batting hunt and I already knew that the batting would be pricier than the local quilt store but sometimes a girl just needs an excuse to get out of the house.

I intended to be a good girl and just walk to the batting, check the price and leave if I wasn't going to buy any. The batting proved , as expected, to be $4 more a metre than I could get it elsewhere and I fully intended to leave, right after I bought some thread. On my way over to check out the thread something red on the top shelf of the bargain section caught my eye and since I wasn't really pressed for time, I wandered over. I discovered the red to be two different prints from Micheal Miller for $3 per metre and tucked in below those were two other beautiful quilting weight cottons, also $3 per metre. I bought 14 m; I had just a teeny tiny fabric accident, right?
With this being The Year of the Quilt and my intenention to sell my capes, I am sure this fabric accident was a good thing.

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  1. i absolutely love the red fabric with the pineapple looking shapes on it.. i can see the fabric on throw pillows on the couch! I LOVE it!!