Saturday, February 18, 2012

Epic Fail :Rainbow Road

The struggle with the improv curved cards had me convinced that I was ready to tackle Rainbow Road. I was so excited for this particular project and after the class chat on Thursday night I dove in, full of inspiration to make my Rainbow Road, full of colour and patterns and maybe make it big enough to be a quilt for Mr. Apollo.

Stitched in Color

I put the kids to bed, hauled out my 12 scrap bins and set out choosing patterned scraps that matched my coloured scraps; I had visions of entering the quilt into Scrap Attack .

I thought it was going to be amazing!
I knew something was wrong when I was trying to arrange the waves of colour to cut the curves, they were far to wavy and had difficulty laying flat. I spent a lot of time (between cuddling a cranky Apollo and wrangling G) sewing the cut curves together and to my horror the project does not lay flat! It is totally unquiltable and feels like time and fabric murder.



  1. Oh no! But it looks GORGEOUS in your photos! Any chance you could starch it and get it flatter? If it was me I might just quilt it anyway, knowing if you washed it it will crinkle up and hide a load of imperfections. So sorry you're having a hard time! I'm waiting on charm squares to show up and then I'm going to try and get my courage up to get started...hang in there :-)

    1. It was really really crinkly! I took the rotary cutter and my 4.5 ruler out last night and hacked as many 4.5 ' blocks as I could out of the thing. I am going to sash ans quilt it tonight and tomorrow. So it won't be a rainbpw road but atleast it isn't fabric murder!

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