Saturday, February 25, 2012

Christmas Tree Mini

When I signed up for the Curves Camp, I thought I was doing it to pass the time before The Man returned, I figured that I had skillz and the course projects would be more occupation than a challenge. I was incredibly wrong. I have been deeply challenged by almost all of these projects and there are still quite a few more to go and I am about a week behind.

This week's accomplishment is the Christmas Tree Mini Quilt. I feel pretty accomplished getting the improv curves right and doing my first ever wonky star. I was hoping it would have been good enough to donate to a silent auction but I messed up on the binding and for some reason the zigzags skipped some stitches in random places. I hope I can find the cause of it and that it isn't my machine because Mr P and I have gotten along so well up to this point.

First time I have ever laid out a design

The sky is sparkly!
Wonky Star

What is up with this? Ely?

Can anyone give me an idea of what is going on in the last photo. I used a walking foot and a fresh needle. Tension maybe?


  1. Personally, I'd still bid on it, but that's me. Donate it anyway and tell me what auction it is and I'll be there bidding.

  2. (It looks like it would make a lovely lap quilt for the kids)

  3. possibly the needle doesn't like the thicknesses of the fabric,Try again with a slightly heavier one. Possibly the new needle had hit a pin and was slightly blunted. Did you have the same thread on top and bottom? Tension looks ok to me but I don't know what it looks like on the back. If its at all loose them the tension needs a fiddle. If it isn't any of these then I'm afraid you have to think of the possibility that the timing is slightly out on the machine. Easily rectified by a service. I get my machines serviced every 6 months, but then they have very very high usage, Every year or two should be ok for a standard machine. Hope this helps.