Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Precise Curves Take 2

Two nights of mindless garter stitch and I am back on the sewing bandwagon. Today I finished my drunkard's path blocks and a super cape for my super nephew.

After making the DP blocks, I decided that a pot holder wouldn't get much use around here, so I added some sashing , drafted myself a pattern based on the measurements of my french press and got to sewing. The finished product isn't perfect; next time I would definitely leave more ease in the pattern (it is a tight fit) and have a wider/gentler curve on the top (I think it looks a little Pope hatish).
It fits sort of wonky

Blue, sticking his nose in, as usual

Heck, maybe, if I can get the pattern just right, I'll do my first ever tutorial! Onwards with the Scallop Quilt and maybe, just maybe I'll get some capes in my store sometime next month.


  1. I think the cape looks amazing! Big G will love it! And the cover looks cool too! Does look a little pope hat-ish! However I think it looks cool! Keep up the good work!

  2. The pope hat reminds me of a rocket ship.